Auto detailing is our specialty and whether you have a Ferrari or a Yugo we treat every car with the highest care.  We use quality products and take our time to get the job done right.  Maybe you have a garage queen and just want us to keep it looking pristine.  Maybe your car is looking rough and you are trying to sell it.  Whatever your need, rest assured that we will have your car looking great.

Services Offered

Deluxe Hand Wash
Two bucket wash method, rims, wheel wells and tires are cleaned. Dressing applied to tires and wheel wells.  Door jams and exterior windows are cleaned.
Prices: $25-$30-$35

Wash and Wax
Deluxe Hand Wash with either a paste or liquid wax applied by hand.
Prices: $50-$55-$65

Full Details
The best and most popular package combining both our interior and exterior services.  Prices: $200+

Mini Details
Simple package combining our wash and wax and basic interior service.
Prices: $100-$115-$125

Interior Cleaning
Your interior will be revitalized after this treatment.  Interior will be blown out and vacuumed, all interior surfaces will be cleaned and protected.  Carpets, floor mats and upholstery will be shampooed, windows will be cleaned and leather conditioned leaving your car looking and smelling great. 
Prices: $120+

Exterior Cleaning
Starts with a deluxe hand wash, bugs, tar, and surface contaminants are then removed, all chrome will be polished, plastic will be conditioned, rainx applied to your windshield and vehicle is hand waxed leaving a brilliant long lasting shine. 
Prices: $120+

Rug Shampooing
Carpets and floor mats are vacuumed and then cleaned and deodorized.
Prices: $45-$55-$65

Upholstery Shampooing
Your seats can take a beating with everyday use, give them the royal treatment.  Shampooing will leave them fresh and looking great. 
Prices: $45-$55-$65

Deodorizing Treatments
Deodorizer is applied and circulated through the ventilation system, leaving behind a fresh clean scent.
Prices: $25

Ozone Treatments
Designed to eliminate odors in your vehicles interior.  Smoke and pet odors, mold or mildew don’t stand a chance. 
Prices: $60-$70-$85

Carpet And Fabric Protection
Prices: $40-$50-$65

Paint Sealant
Offers a long-lasting shine and protection.  We offer different types of sealants so call for pricing.

Paint Correction
Based on condition of vehicle and degree of correction required.  Call for more info.

Clay Bar Treatment
Detailing clay is the safest and most effective way to clean your cars paint.  Surface contaminants can penetrate into your paint leaving it feeling rough.  Clay will remove these imperfections leaving nothing but smooth clean paint. 
Prices: $35-$45-$55

Headlight Restoration
Prices: $50+

Prices: Call for more info.

Wheel Polishing
Prices: $50+

Window Tinting
Featuring Madico window film.
Call for pricing

Gift Certificates

Motorcycle Detailing
Call for more info

Boat Detailing
Call for more info

Consignment Auto Sales
Thinking about selling your vehicle, we can help make that happen.  Call or Email for more info.

If you have any questions on services or pricing please contact us.